4-5 May ● 2012 ● Aarhus ● Denmark


04-05-2012 | 15:40
RADAR (Musikcafeen)

Akat sings of human passion and fragility in frost-clad landscapes of sound that wind in and out of rustling and rattling beats in a mesmerizingly sonorous panorama. Nature and technology melt into each other in the music and establish a beautiful scenery for the personal stories about the beauty of life. Akat is Anna Katrin Ø. Egilstrøðs, who is also known as the singer of Valravn.

Presented in collaboration with The Royal Academy of Music

Genre: Alternative pop
Inspired by: The sea, Surrealism, Technology, When genres and art get mixed

[ Facts ]
Career start: 2010
Latest album: Akat, ep (2011)