4-5 May ● 2012 ● Aarhus ● Denmark

Marybell Katastrophy (DK) vs. Nils Frahm (DE)

05-05-2012 | 17:00
Musikhuset Store Sal

When Marybell Katastrophy and Nils Frahm go on stage together at InterSPOT, adventurous avant-garde pop will meet neo-classical piano compositions. Since the debut “This is the one” Marybell Katastophy has found their unique identity with their love of experimental, electronic elements and noise rock orchestration. With his contemplative and personal approach to the piano Nils Frahm has won many hearts around the world. Among the most prominent fans of Frahm’s compositions is radiohead’s Thom York. Marybell Katastrophy amd Nils Frahm met during the mastering of the latter’s album “Felt” and fell for each other’s music. At an exclusive collaborative gig at SPOT they will fuse Frahm’s delicate and intimate music with the up-beat pop of MaryBell Katastrophy’s new album “Amygdala”.   

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Started: 2012