4-5 May ● 2012 ● Aarhus ● Denmark

The Luna Boots (LU) & Esther Maria (DK)

05-05-2012 | 16:00
RADAR (Musikcafeen)

Esther Maria is an Aarhus-based singer/songwriter. In 2005 she released the EP “My Black Heart”, which was a melancholy and heart-felt version of country and folk. What characterizes Esther Maria’s music is her ability to create imagery that takes the listener on a journey and connects the music and Esther Maria.

The Luna Boots from Luxembourg  has a great predilection for acoustic instruments and the classical singer/songwriter tradition as it was in the 60s and 70s. Furthermore, they shows great linguistic versatility: they sing in Danish, French and Luxembourg.  

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Started: 2012
Latest album: -
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